Rotogravure Printing Machine
Rotogravure Printing Machine
Computer Control Gravure Printing Machine Model KH



This KHASY-B series computer control high speed rotogravure press is suitable for printing BOPP, PET, PVC, PE, Aluminum foil and paper, etc. with good performance of multi-color continuous printing, this is a kind of ideal rotogravure printing machine for flexible printing and packaging industry.

1.   The whole machine consists of unwinding unit, printing unit and rewinding unit, according to the customers’ different requirements, the printing unit can be decreased from 2 colors to 12 colors.
2.   Main machine equipped with frequency converter control and with three-phase constant tension control.
3.   Each unit of color registration system is controlled by a separating microprocessor. It can adjust the deviation quickly and precisely.
4.   Shaftless air cylinder clamping style for loading printing cylinder.
5.   Unwinding unit and material drawer is adopted with full auto tension controller and magnetic powder brake to control the tension.
6.   Rewinding unit is adopted with frequency inverter motor with magnetic powder clutch to rewind.
7.   Pneumatic backpressure moving doctor blade mechanism.
8.   Ink circulating system (air pump) and viscosity controller.
9.   Unwinding and rewinding unit is double working turret with splicing system.
10. Automatic computer control color registration system, video camera system is   equipped in this machine.
11. Electric or diesel oil burner for heating source available for choice.
Main specifications:

Printing width

600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500, 2000mm

Max. unwinding diameter


Max. rewinding diameter


Printing speed


Printing color



380V, 50Hz(or custom-built)

Total power





22800kg(8 color 800mm width)

Note: The specifications subject to change without prior notice!