Binding Machine
Binding Machine
Three Knife Trimmer Model KQSS300




1.This machine consists of frame, paper presser, cam, side cutter, front cutter, book scoop,adjustable side mark, book arranging device, book-out shelf and electric control etc.
2.The main transmission is rolling bearing structure with bath lubrication, well-tight seal
and non-leaking.
3.The operation button on the machine panel can easily change the cutting status into single book or twin book without changing any components.
4.The manipulator is used for book arranging device to govern book out in good order.
5.The machine can finish the first book cutting process by manually put the book pile into
book carrier. The second book pile will be auto sent by the book scoop back to the operator to repeat the cutting process again. From there, it can finish automatically all cutting process with correct and liable positioning.
6.This machine is fully closed in to prevent from wastepaper.
7.The foot switch is equipped to control magnetic clutch (brake)alone, thus it is more
convenient and more safe to operate it manually.
8.The oil feeder is equipped to lubricate machine timely and rationally except a few guide
rail surfaces.
9.The fast-positioning cutter apparatus is used for front cutter and side cutter in order to
reduce time of cutter replacing.
10.The leaning cutter device that has applied patent and it is equipped to avoid paper
tearing for having good quality of book. 
11.The variable frequency control is used for master motor and the counting device is used for book-out shelf, both of them can display on screen clearly. 

Main Specifications:



KQSS300 Single

KQSS300 Twin book

Max. cutting size


200 X 210 X 2

Min. cutting size


105 X 144 X 2

Max. cutting height



Cutting speed

18-28 cuts/min


Motor power



Outer dimensions

2600X1850X1950 mm


Machine weight