Automatic board grooving machine
Automatic board grooving machine


2020/5/19 07:49

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The V grooving machines are special designed for make V and U type groove cutting,also called as automatic rotative board skiver (board cutting through machine) use for industry of cardboard converting.

Hardboard, Cardboard, plywood, grey board, copper printing paper, coated art paper, chrome

paper, grey cardboard, MDF board and other several of cardboard. It is suitable for make many

types of boxes.

The machine has high accuracy, dustlessness, little noise, highly effective, energy conservation,

environmental protection.


1. mechanical automatic feeding systerm, powerful suction,feed table can auto-up&down.

2. atuo-correcting function to keep accuracy and reduce error.

3. waste material will be sent out automatically after grooved.

4. final product will be collected automatically.

5. auto-stop systerm for board seized up.

6. Each cutting blade could move left and right by itself.

7. The counter is used for record the number of production.

8. The wheel is used for adjust grooving degree from 80°-140°.

9. Special use knife grinder, usually grind one piece of cutting blade need 2 minutes only.

Main Specifications:

Width of cardboard: 130-850mm

Length of cardboard: 130-500mm

Distance of each groove: 0-800mm

Thickness of cardboard: 200gsm-2.5mm.

Grooving degree:80-140° Adjustable

Total cutting knives: 9 pcs

Production speed: 40pcs/min(size:400x400)

Power: 3.7Kw/380V

Dimension: L2150 x W1350 x H1400mm

Weight: 1500Kg